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Monday, June 2, 2008

Trying Out New Hairstyles

EbeautyBlog Trying Out Different New Hairstyles

I've been out of town the past weekend and haven't really update the blog. Although, I've tried some different hairstyles that I thought are very quick and easy to do. I'll post the tutorial up some time this week. Here is the preview of some of the styles I've tried:

Hairstyle Tutorial
Cute Hairstyle Tutorial



  1. You were out of town? ^^ So was I! Wherever you went, I hope you had a wonderful time. I had a great time myself being away from home and bills! I need to 'run away' more often. As always, your smile brighten up someone's day. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I went to old town san diego and had a great time. How about you? where did you go?

    Hey, I notice you have 2 unfinished blogs. When are they going to be publish huh?

  3. Wow, San Diego! I'm dying to go jetski there but I'm not dating anyone and my friends are not into it. But do tell if you saw sharks there. I went to San Joe and it was great also.

    I would love to start working on my blogs but I've been too busy after work. The only "free time" that I actually have is when I am at work, but nothing comes up whenever I am here. haha! But stick around, I'll re-manage my time and put things up by the end of this month. I need someone like you to motivate me though, I'm very li`! :D

    BTW, I asked for something in TT message. You haven't answered... xP I understand how you feel but things come in life and leave without knowning. ^^ Take cares.

  4. when you gonna to put the tutorials of these hairstyles? They are so pretty! Very nice job, and you got such a beautiful hair!!


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