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Monday, June 30, 2008

Messy Bun Hairstyle


Messy Bun Hair Tutorial
1. Curl your hair. It really doesn't matter which direction you curl cause the hair will be messy later anyway.

2. Use a big scrunchie and tie around your hair.
How To Cute Hairstyles

not my natural hair color's the flash!!!
Cute Messy Hair Tutorial

3. Now use a clear rubber band and wrap around to hide the scrunchie and to make a bun.
Korean Hairstyle

4. Twist the hair around to create a messy look...
Korean Hair Tutorial

Alrightee, I'm off to the beach!!! it's so hot and humid today...what's the weather like for you guys? Mine is reaching 90 already!!! YIKES!!!


  1. oh my!!! girl! you can do hair!!! that is such a lovely look and you looked so cute curling your hair!!!!! I would love you to do my hair!!!! I'm in love with your cute hairstyle!

    The weather here, is warm but I can't say because I'm in an air conditioned room the whole day :D

  2. OH wow! That's a great and easy hairstyle! I love it! Too bad I just cut off my hair but I think I'll try it when my hair is longer. :D

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    psychoexgf, I just checked your pictures with short hair...I actually chopped off my hair about the same length like u several months ago. I felt lightheaded, LOL, but kindna regretted afterward :(

  4. ebeautybloy: LOL, it's a bit decision for women to cut off their hair. So is this your hair grown out? Wow it must grow really fast.

  5. It looks great and seems simple enough to do. Perfect for summer too.

    OMG, I am seriously so jealous of your skin. Its so clear and glowing!

  6. cute hair do!

    you're so pretty too ;)

  7. Is that your natural hair color? The color is so pretty! :) I also love the messy bun look. I should try it sometime in the near future.

    The weather is awful! :( I'm thinking the 90's but I'm not to sure.

  8. psychoexgf, yes, my hair grew out pretty quick...that's probably the reason y I had the courage to chopped off my hair in the first place. LOL

    Jnie, I think it's probably cuz of the camera. But I'll take ur compliment anyway. HAHA

    nic nic, thanks dear ;)

    Alyssa, we're not so far away. I think Huntington Beach is about 5-10 degree cooler than Burbank. But yeah...I feel ya, the weather is disgusting!!! I'm spending almost every single day at the beach now, LOL.

  9. OMG! Your hairs looks so soft! I'm gonna have to try that! It's gorgeous!

  10. I need to get my hands on that camera then.:)

  11. iamgrape1119, thanks dear :)

    jnie, actually I think your cam is pretty good. The up close shots of your eyes were perfect!!

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  14. adoooorei seus comentarios, sou do Brasil,e sou muito fã sua...


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