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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Longer Thicker Beautiful Eyelashes = Revitalash?

UPDATE (7/01/08): I've been using Revitalash for a little over 3 weeks now. Skipped once or twice during those 3 weeks. Haven't seen any result yet. I've heard that results are vary and greatly depend upon the person. Some seen results as quick as 1-2 weeks, others up to 3 months. Anyway, I will keep you posted on my latest results. Also, I will take some pictures when I could see noticeable results.


Revitalash Review Before After Pictures
After much consideration, I decided to start using Revitalash again. The last time I only used it for about a week until I heard of the Jan Marini's news. After doing my own research, Revitalash is safe to use thus far as all the disturbing news only directed to Jan Marini. Thank God! I don't want that $150 tube to go wasted.

Please read the article I posted about Jan Marini if you haven't yet learned of the news and wanting to try the product.

Today is my first day of trying the Revitalash again. So I'm taking several pictures of how my eyelashes look today and will update it within a week. Come and share my experience with me =)

Revitalash Grow Longer Thicker Eyelash
Natural Longer Lash
I bought the tube on Revitalash's website. As you can see it's in a tube that look similar to a mascara tube with a thin brush that you can easily trace along the lash's lines.
*Once I applied the liquid solution on my lash's lines, it felt kindna hot but the sensation is gone after 30sec.

My eyelash as of today:
Revitalash Review
Natural Longer Eyelash

I will try to use it consistently for 1 week. Come back to see the results!


  1. girl, thanks for visiting my blog! :) nice to read your blog here as well! Hope to see more of you !!!

  2. A friend of mine swore by jan marini. But I heard about that news too and got scared off. She said before she didn't have lashes to curl, so I got curious. I'm excited to see your results. I have to be way too crazy to drop and risk $150 for one beauty item. Goodluck, hope it works!

  3. thanks, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it'll work too. I was crunching my stomach buying it and you know why LOL

  4. Let us know how this goes, I've just ordered LiLash for about $120. Ouch. Thanks for hittin my blog. Imma be honest, I think I had ONE good day with fiberwig..But I'll persist!

  5. i've heard alot of people raving about this product so I cant wait to c your results! By the way, thanks for dropping by my page! Jabbawockeez r definitely hot but this season i have to support soul supreme b/c they're from my hometown SF. =)


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