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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LipFusion = Big, Plump, Luscious Lips?

Lipfusion Plump Lip Gloss
I've been using LipFusion($36) for a while now and so far the results are great! I've tried Lip Venom by DuWop($16) and Pout Lip gloss($16) and none of them is comparable to LipFusion. Although, it's pricey, it does gives a non-injectable lip volumizing therapy and plumps your lips instantly.

Unlike DuWop's Lip Venom which gives a tingling affect, Lipfusion has little to no bee sting affect. The first several use, I did feel a little tingling, but it was nothing compare to DuWop's. I'm also a fan of Pout Lip gloss, although with Pout Lip, you need to apply a great amount of gloss in order to see the volume. With LipFusion, you only need to apply a small amount and it gives you that fuller looking lips instantly. It's a little bit pricey but it does last a long time. I'm still using my tube from 4 months ago. Take a look at my snapshots of the before and after look with LipFusion.

LipFusion Big Luscious Plump Lip gloss

Big Lips Instantly Lip gloss
Big Luscious Plump Lip Collagen


  1. I have always wanted to try this but was fearful due to the price. Is it drying at all?

  2. It doesn't dry my lips. I, sometime used it on my dried lips and it actually has a soothing affect. Although, I must agree with you that the price is a bit turn off :(

  3. If this was made for men, it would cost $80. :(

  4. Could you please give me the specific kind that you use. I checked the sephora website and it has a few kinds to offer. they are in the price of $39, $49, & "LipFusion XL" $50. I have never used this before so I would prefer using the one someone has already used it. Thank you.

  5. hello monkiecon,

    I have tried both the LipFusion Lip Plump ($36) and the LipFusion XL ($50). The LipFusion Lip Plump gives you instant volume while the XL one takes several hours and it cost more. Go to and type in product # P104341 in the search bar, that's the one I used for this review.

    If there's a Sephora's store around your area, I'd recommend go to the store and test it out before buying it. Good luck :)

  6. thanks for your quick response. I'm definitely will visit sephora tomorrow.

  7. For 2 years I've tried a lot of products that offered to "plump up" the lips. Let's face it, most women wouldn't mind having Angelina Jolie lips. Unfortunately, none of the products worked for me until now. I found online the lip plumping balms by Isabella Pelle and they work. They cost $12.00 for a multipack, and they ship 4 free worldwide. This site was recommended to me by my friend. Check out their site if you want plumper lips. Maria


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