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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Green Tea for Beautiful and Anti-Aging Skin

Green Tea Facial Mask Scrub

Summer is here. Aside from wearing sunscreen, there are several other ways to help soothe and protect our skin from sun damage. One of my favorite way is using green tea. Beside from all the general health benefits, green tea is also very beneficial to the skin.

I came across several books on Green Tea and found out that it's best known for its antioxidants properties, which helps reduce sun damage, preserves young-looking skin, and strengthens skin's own defenses against free radicals. No wonder why green tea is one of the main ingredients in so many beauty products, from toner, sunscreen, to moisturizer.

Although I love green tea, I don't want to get into the habit of drinking it every day because the caffeine keeps me awake all night. However, I'd to drink a cup or two every week and instead of disposing the green tea bag, I made several use to it.

Start of by indulging yourself with a cup of green tea, so fresh and soothing :) I used two green tea bags for a reason below.
Green Tea Facial Skin Care

So here's the reason for the two green tea bags! Instead of throwing them away, place them on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes. This helps eliminate the puffiness and dark circle bags under the eyes. If you're a regular day spa goers, you'll notice that many place use tea bags to help relax and brighten client's eyes.
Green Tea Cream

After you're done relaxing, lets do a green tea mask. Tear the tea bag apart and take out all the tea:
Green Tea Moisturizer

Place a few drop of vitamin E oil onto the green tea and blend it out.
*Now Vitamin E greatest benefits is also its antioxidant properties. Studies shown that Vitamin E helps protect skin from cell damaging free radicals, makes skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, preventing and treating sunburns and scars, and many more.
Green Tea Face Mask
Vitamin E Facial Mask

Lather it evenly onto face:
Green Tea Facial Mask

Rinse off after 15-30 minutes.

I have combination skin, so if you have oily skin this may not fit for you since the Vitamin E oil may absorb into your skin and make it even more oily. But if you have dry or combination skin, this will be a great skin treatment. I did this quite often especially during the hot summer days. I love the soothing and cooling affect it felt on my face. When I take it off, my skin is so smooth and bright.
Green Tea Vitamin E Facial Mask


  1. hey beautiful! I stumbled on your blog and I LAV IT, I'm a natural skin care freak..thanks for the beauty treatments and tips..I will be trying them out soon..

    <3 nee

  2. great idea! you have gorgeous skin.

  3. ohh i have green tea mask before, very soothing they are!

    RYC: yeah ive bought from they used to use USD curency but changed in April... now sell in Singapore Dollars... you can find out the approx exchange rates on hope that helps!

  4. thanks for the tip! that's very useful!

  5. aw thanks !

    I will def take pictures..I love the cam..its so sleek and crisp clear :)

  6. Em có nốt rùi ngay môi ... chắc tham ăn lắm ha :)) ... Dining out... interesting. Beautiful skin, BTW.

  7. hhahahha what??? that's not very nice to say??? even though it's the truth. LOL

  8. yaaaay! finally some use for my green tea bags! i'm gonna try this out later today :)

  9. Hey girl!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. I love the look and feel of yours too - so girly :D

    Green tea is such a great skin care ingredient. One thing I want to try is doing a Matcha mask... ooh la la, hah.

    Hope you're having a great weekend so far hun! Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you around more often :) Take care.

  10. hey girl! thanks for stopping by and being such a sweetheart..yes I am hoping things will work out for me :)

    the vera wang does smell good but I don't like wearing perfume anymore, its so weird

    i will def be taking more pictures with my cam! its so advanced and sleek, you should check it out when you go cam shopping I think you'll like it hehe

  11. Hrrmmm I spent nearly $40 on the Pangea Organics Matcha Green Tea Mask.. This looks like nearly the same thing! haha. Thanks! I'm going to try this when I run out!

  12. WOW!
    Great post and great blog! I'm glad I ran onto your page.
    This seriously looks promising!
    Love it!


  13. There is a another supplement that has many of the same benefits as green tea, Oprah did a feature on it, it's called Acai Berry, it's a really powerful anti-oxidant which helps to detoxify and cleanse your body including anti-aging benefits as well. If anybody else is interested I found a free trial at Acai Body Treats

  14. Oooh! I love this mask idea!

  15. wow good idea ,i will definitely try this out........

  16. I will take either, f-er, we made our point, phones about to die now...

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    Is this normal? I haven't spoken to her in over 8 months but I occasionally just feel like I still miss her.

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    IS that help for skin improve anti wrinkles too?

    I need to know pleas.e..

    thank you,

  20. Hello,

    I want to make sure,that is product is help for skin improve wrinkles please?

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