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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fruit Desert

It's so hot and humid today in Southern Cal. The weather is somewhere in the mid 90 although I feel like it's over 100. I decided to take out some of the fruit cans in the kitchen cabinet and put together a fruit dessert.

Here's a better recipe I found online: Fruit Dessert

+Jack Fruit
+Palm Seeds
+Half & Half Milk

Some people preferred using the syrup from the can as a substitute for sugar. But I found the syrup too thick and sugary. So I drained out the syrup and rinsed the fruits with H20 (yep, that's right, I've learned a thing or two from my Chem class)

Cut fruits into small bite size pieces just like so...

Add milk & half and half in a 1:1 ratio (WOW, found good use for Math!)


  1. You vietnamese?! WOW love che!! MMMMMMMMMMMM ANY che!

  2. Mmmm...nh├Čn ngon qua..:)
    Now I want me some jackfruit...

  3. cocovjayjay, yes, I'm Viet. I know I love che too. Can't never be too sweet!!! haha

  4. mmmmm... looks yummy. I recently bought a gummy version of lychee, taste so good I can eat a whole bag... lol. My mom makes something similar to this but she adds a black jelly thing, not sure what's it called, but it's good, very refreshing to eat especially on days when it's really hot


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