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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday's Haul

No, not Black Friday, just a normal, hot and sunny Friday!

Makeup Haul

Lancome Mascara
Yes, I do go through mascara like crazy!!! and I'm in love with Lancome's mascara. Especially, Virtuose and Hypnose

Lip Pout
Lip Pouts. Lip Fusion is better but Lip Pout is more for everyday use.

Clinique CityBlock
Clinique's Cityblock. This is how much I need for the summer, no kidding. I use them face, my neck, my hands, my arms, my feet...uhmm maybe not my feet. But you got the idea.

Mac Eye Shadow
Hmm...Do I need these? Guess NOT. HAHA.
Can't wait for Mac's fall collections. I have my eyes on so many colors, which is BADDDD!!!


  1. WOW!!! That's a whole lot of there a panic buying that I should know? LOL (Joking aside) I haven't tried on Lancome mascara yet, I have heard so much good stuffs about them..but I just can't shell out that much of money for something that needed to be replaced after 3-6 mos!!! aaaccckk, I want to try me!!!!
    I'm thinking at the back of my head know if we have POUT here..I dont' think so..maybe I'm wrong..and your MAC HAUL!!!OHMYGOODNESS! DROOL WORTHY! and yes!!! You need them!!!! :D LOL

  2. awesome haul! there just so much!! o_O lol

  3. Wow....Great haul.
    Do you need a roommate? lol..jk.


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