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Sunday, June 15, 2008

E.L.F. - 50% OFF + Free Shipping Codes

Can't find anything interest me thus far on E.L.F.
But here are some discount codes for those who need them
For those who have ordered from them before, what do you recommend/not recommend?

Buy any product up to $15 and use code: RADIO or CAROLINA for 50% OFF of $15
Add another $3 worth of product to get: FREE SHIPPING on order over $10 code: ECTAPDY

I tried adding the products and codes approx. 5 minutes ago and the codes are still alive!!!

Here's a sample of my checkout cart:



  1. thanks for the codes! i just ordered from them like 3 weeks ago... and i finally got my order the other day, but it's missing like 2 things... i still want to order their eye shadow brush though since i want to see what it's like and it was out of stock the first time...

  2. lily, what did you get from them and how'd you like? I heard the brushes are ok for the price, other than that the shadows are not that great. Not sure if this is true though.

  3. sorry, i forgot to respond to your comment on my blog! so i haven't used bare minerals before so i can't really compare... but joppa has good coverage. it's a little harder to find your the right foundation match though since their company is online.

    i got their tweezers which i didn't like... they just didn't grab any hairs... i also got there eyelash curler (i still have to try this), 2 of the blushes (which i like a lot), a bronzer (which was too light for me.. i got luminescence i think), the brow brush (which i don't really get how to use lol), the brow gel (which doesn't really do anything), and the lash kits. the dramatic lash kit is awesome! a lot of their packaging looks really cheap though... especially for their bronzers...

    they forgot to send me the natural lash kit and a lipliner that i ordered so i emailed them about that.

  4. awesome. thanks for sharing the coupon codes. :) i WOULD recommend their eyeshadow brush for all over eyeshadow application, it's a decent brush. also their eyelash curlers work pretty good too! :) i also like their healthy glow bronzing powder. ;D

  5. hey love
    thanks for this , i'm currently buying random shit right now :)

  6. HI!! I just ordered from e.l.f and they have really stepped up... for $1 dollar they have really awsome products... their eyeshadows are really good and their brushes are updated and now they are really soft.. i got my order within a week
    !!! and with codes for free shipping you can't go wrong!! so try :)their all over cover sticks are really great and smell like oranges, and small so you can fit them in a purse or clutch for easy touchups.. i use it as a concealer along with their concealer brush..i'm really happy with what i got so i'm ordering more.. i love their smudge brush .. and their new studio line is great even though it's $2 more.. i love the mineral line :) hope this helped

  7. I have ordered on ELF before and honestly like the Studio Eyeliner and Shadow stick in black/smoke. It goes on very smoothly and doesn't get runny. Although, I must admit I barely use the shadow stick side, I always just use the eyeliner side and really like it.

  8. How did you put 2 codes on? It doesn't work for me.


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