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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

This is too much fun. Why need makeup when you could give yourself a
makeover in just several clicks of a mouse? So I took a head shot
today and uploaded it on I started clicking and clicking,
and clicking., and omg, before I know it I couldn't recognized myself
anymore. Hahah jk, I'm still my beautiful self just a little bit more
defined, LOL!!! This is a must try program. It's so much fun and so
easy to use. It's great for trying out new crazy looks. Here are
some of my wild crazy and I LOVE IT!!!! yayayyyy click
on the pictures for bigger sizes.

CLICK HERE to give yourself a makeover!!! Try it, try it!!! and please do share your new looks. I'd love to see it =))


  1. hello there..sorry for the late reply...been bz with school lately... so how r u?

    btw, yeap thats me in the layout.
    me cute? haha
    thanks for the complement =)

  2. Ghe ai ma dep the... con nguoi yeu chua cho anh lam quen coi nao? And you look better with light make-ups. :)

  3. hey you remind me of trish thuy trang, in the one with blonde hair. you're so pretty. i'm jealous. I love your skin! :)

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