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Monday, May 12, 2008

Non Surgical Double Eyelid - Eye Talk

Eye Talk Double Eyelid

I gotta give the Asian credits for coming up with unusual inventions;
some of which falls under the beauty category. Here's a quick glimpse
at one of their popular invention called the Eye Talk. This is actually
a glue that you'd place on your eyelid to create a crease; it would
appear like you have double eyelid.

I've tried two of the very similar
products before and I didn't like it. It was mainly because I've already
have double eyelid and by putting the glue on really didn't make much
difference on me. Also, I didn't like how the glue felt on my eyelid.
It made my eyelid appears bumpy and unnatural after I put on eyeshadow.
However, some of my friends who doesn't have double eyelid swear that
this thing works great on them. Well, I guess it just one of the thing
that you need to try in order to really tell if it's your fit or not.
Here are some of the images and videos tutorial of how to
For any of you who are interested in trying these out, you can get these
on ebay for less than $10. Click here

Eye Talk Double Eyelid Tutorial

Eye Talk Double Eyelid Step 1

Eye Talk Double Eyelid Step 2

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