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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Wash Your Hair Properly

How To Wash Your Hair Properly

1. Wet your hair before applying shampoo. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold but it's at comfort temperature. If you have a lot of hair, section the hair into smaller parts and try to wet each part evenly.

2. Place a small amount of shampoo onto your palm and blend it evenly. Apply the shampoo on your palms onto your hair starting from the roots toward the end. Using your fingers, massage your scalp in a slow circular motion.

3. Before rinsing the shampoo, use your fingers and brush your hair making sure that the shampoo is spread evenly. Don't pull on hair but gently using the fingers to brush it.

4. Apply conditioner. Leave conditioner on hair at least 1-2 minutes. However, it is best to leave it on for 5 minutes before rinse.

5. Rinse hair using cold water to prevent hair breakage and drying. Cold water also helps your hair remain soft and shinny.

6. It is important to not rubbing your hair using the towel but only pat dry it since after washing, your hair tend to be weak and it's vulnerable to breakage.


  1. So is this supposed to be done in the shower? I doesn't seem like it, or am I just dumb?

  2. I had ribbed my hair several times O___o
    thank u :)))
    i didn't knew you had an entry like this


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