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Sunday, May 4, 2008

How To Look Thinner

Did you know that by changing the way you dress can make you look 10 pounds thinner in just seconds by making the right fashion selections that fits and flatters your figure. Here are some very simple and easy fashion tricks to make yourself look thinner, lighter, and sexier in just a blink of an eye.

1. Dress in black - Black has the tendency to hide all the imperfections
and flaw areas of your body. It will minimizes all the bulkiness and makes
you appear much slender.

2. Avoid too much patterns - Pattern is a loud choice of fashion.
It brings too much attention to the eyes and make you appear a lot rounder.
Try to avoid large print patterns, horizontal lines, and big circles.
These choices will make you look shorter and wider in shape.

3. Avoid too much accessories - Accessories can become bulky and
add inches to your shape. Avoid wearing accessory on your neck
and if possible, leave it bare. The longer your neckline appear,
the skinnier you will look.

4. Wear heels - Heels add inches to your height, which is the
best way to narrow your shape. Do wear heels with less straps or small
straps; avoid heels that are too bulky and too thick in length. Heels
that are too bulky and thick can actually make you appear larger rather
than thinner.

5. Avoid baggy clothes - Clothes that are larger in sizes can take
away the best areas of your body. And rather than taking away the inches,
it can add bulges and makes you appear heavier.

6. Wear same color/shade of clothes - Do dress in the same color or shade
from top to bottom. This will balance your shape and accentuate your body.

7. Do wear body shape undergarments - Body shape undergarments help your
body appears leaner, more toned and better proportioned.


  1. Great tips! Who doesn't want to look 10 lbs thinner?!

  2. Wow! This is great. You should publicize because much girls out there should to read these tips. :)


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