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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dermadoctor KP Duty

The creator claims that using Dermadoctor KP Duty will help control keratosis pilaris (a common skin disorder typified by "chicken skin" or bumpiness on the surface of the skin) and other dry skin concerns. So does this works?....

I bought this product a while back and tried using it but it was just a disappointed result. The texture of the product is thick and sticky. It also has a weird noticeable scent. My skin does feel smooth after applying it but it was just a temporary affect. It doesn't help get rid of the kp at all. It was just like the regular lotion in a sense. Where your skin will feel smooth when you touch it but the kp is still very noticeable to the eyes. If you're looking into buying this product, please take my advice and run to your local health store and grab a jar of coconut oil. It'll give greater results and not to mention a very delicious smell =)

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