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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chelsea Premium Outlets VIP Club Discounts

Do you shop at the outlet? Did you know that you could get even more discounts by becoming a VIP member? Being a VIP member give you access to exclusion coupons from your favorite outlets stores. I love getting good deals and the last time I went to the outlets, I was able to save a greater amount of cash by using the coupons on top of the sales offered in store. For example, some stores offered a 50% off, I was able to add another 25% off on top of that using the coupons from the VIP book!!! Wow, what a great saving!

Here are a few of the discounts that you'll get for being a VIP member:

FREE VIP COUPON BOOK VOUCHER (this has coupons for over 50 outlet stores)
Calvin Klein - 15% off purchase of $150 or more
Diesel - $20 off entire purchase of $150 or more
DKNY - Grand Opening: Additional 20% off your entire purchase
Guess - 25% off your total purchase of $75 or more
Michael Kors - 20% off your purchase of $150 or more

So what does it takes to become a VIP member? Nothing actually, just five minutes of your time to register. Simply go here: Chelsea Premium Outlets - VIP and register an account. Happy shopping!!!


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  2. Easily I agree but I think the list inform should prepare more info then it has.


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