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Friday, May 23, 2008

Can Aspirin Face Mask Cure Pimples?

These past few weeks I've been overly stress and go figure my face began to break out badly =( So yeah, I've heard of this aspirin face mask for a while and been wanting to try it. A lot of people swore that it helps with break out, acne, and keep your skin fresh and clear. Recently, I found a post on Makeupalley by this person who claims to be a chemist. She (I'm guessing it's a she) posted a long article warning that long term use of Aspirin as face mask can cause aging. Here's a highlight of her post:

Click here to read the whole post

"because the aspirin you are applying an analgesic (pain killer) and the unknown amounts of salicylic and acetic acids that dissolved help dry the skin and kill the bacteria in your pores. Over time, however, you *might* actually age your face faster than it would naturally. By inspiring free radical production, you *might be* giving your cells the green light for aging. Most cosmetic companies are convinced that free radicals cause aging; the data on this is not really confirmed, but there is a risk that free radicals could cause aging. Also, all of the undissolved aspirin can reduce your skin's plumpness and firmness. Aspirin is a known blood thinner, and this can cause cells to become less "full" looking. Aspirin also suppresses certain receptors that maintain cell elasticity. Aspirin is great at reducing inflamation in injured tissues and saving lives during clot-induced heart attacks, but thinned blood and decreased cellular membrane strength are not good for the face. They can make your face blotchy with extra blood flow and saggy as the damage done to cell membranes is practically irreversible."

I'm convinced by what she said is true. However, I believe what she's stating is for people who use it on a regular basis; maybe one or twice a week as a face mask. I'm in need of a quick solution to help with my pimples right now. So I went ahead and tried it this morning. Here are some snapshots:

The original instruction on this was found on RiceBunny's Xanga page.

What I used:
*4 tablets of Aspirin
*A few drops of water

What I did:
*Place the Aspirins in a small dish, place a few drops of water on it for it to dissolved. Then Pour in a few drops of honey and used my very clean index finger and blended it all together. Lathered it all over my face.

I'm very particular about not scarring my skin by hard/coarse products so I didn't scrub my face but gently splashed it with cold water afterward. My skin did feel a little softer although not as soft as people have claimed. I recommend using Laneige Daily Strawberry Yogurt for smoother and softer skin. Click here to read my article on how to properly wash your face.

After cleansing, gotta use Sachiko cucumber toner to close the pores. Yikes!
Facial Skin Care

Dabbed Burt's Bees eye cream under eyes to prevent wrinkles =))
Aspirin Face Mask

I noticed that a lot of people raised their eyebrows when applying mascara, eyeshadow , and etc...this is a big NO! NO! This will cause so much wrinkles on your forehead that you can't imagine. I broke this habit a while now but still can't resist once in a while =((

Tip: If you want to make your lips appear luscious and more plump, apply a shinny lighter shade of lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip. I've learned this tip a while back from a beautician. It works like a charm!

Put on makeup and get ready for the day. Aww too bad the weather is not so great today =((


  1. wow thanks for the whole raise your eyebrows coz i have quite faint ones at the moment but thnx for the tip!!!


  2. just a small town girl, livin in a looooonely wooooooorld

  3. Just a light make up and colors, looks so cute. I like light colors make up, and mostly I just put lip-gloss instead of lipstick. Thanks for the tips, I’ll apply it next time I go out with my friends to surprise them.:)

  4. Nice make-up. And thanks for that great advice regarding the raising of brows and its connection to forehead wrinkles. I never knew about that until you mentioned.

  5. I have been trying to find a product that will refresh my face as I wash, well that was until I got introduced these products. I have been using this religiously everyday and my skin does not feel as oily anymore. In fact it gives me a fresh start each day and did I mention that it smells great?


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