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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fitflop, Walk and Tone Your Legs

Have anyone ever heard of this? The company claims that these
"fitness shoes absorb shock and lessen joint strain while helping
you gain muscle strength, tone your legs, and burn calories - just
by walking around." I was so intrigued when they first came out
that I went to Macys and got a pair several months ago.
I only wore it twice ever since due to the cold weather. Now that
summer is coming, I'll take them out and see how it works. When
they first came out their sizes and color were limited; but because
I was totally sold on their advertisements that I was willing to
take a size 6. I normally wear sizes 5 1/2-6 but their flops run
a little big so if you're going to get one online consider about
1/2-1 size smaller than your regular size. Otherwise, many major
department stores, such as Macys and Bath and Body Works do carry
them for $49.99. They even have one in GREEN now!!!! sucks, cuz
that's my faver color =(((

Here are some shots of my very own silver pair:
Beautiful Tone Legs
Skinnier Legs

Walk and Tone Your Legs


  1. They look fab, but a bit too pricey for a pair of flip flops.

  2. Hello posh totty, thank you for dropping by.

    Yes, they're are pricey!!! I was crunching my stomach at the cashier counter :(

  3. I think good things have their own cost. And dear look at them. So pretty. I am gonna get it.


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